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    Creative & DifferentiSpace, Inc. is transforming education through technology

    Our animated learning tools, interactive game based reward system, and individualized online tutoring help students to reach their highest potential. iSpace offers digital learning solutions in Science, Mathematics and English/Language Arts for students K-12. We believe technology is a priceless educational tool that is key to helping your child succeed.

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    Future of EducationTo Serve Students Across the Globe

    At iSpace, Inc. we are using innovative technologies to enhance traditional education and create a new learning paradigm. Our high quality cost-effective online learning tools have produced dramatic improvements in student achievement and test scores. Web based technology connects teachers and students in a non-traditional way. We have created systems that use students' past performance to tailor content to their individual needs and learning styles. Our animation and gaming programs engage and encourage learners, creating an interactive educational experience. These technologies and others to come will help improve the lives of our students and provide tools necessary to remain competitive in today's evolving job markets.

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    That Excite and InspireRILE | Discovery Spot | PicoBot

    iSpace has partnered with the University of West Florida to create engaging technologies to change the way physics, math, and other STEM topics are taught at the middle and high school levels. For more information, visit the links below.

    RILE (Robotic Interactive Learning Environment)

    Discovery Spot


About us

At iSpace, Inc., education and technology are our passion. We are committed to helping students learn and master their respective curriculum. It is our endeavor to help students and educators enjoy the learning process by making it more interactive.

We Build Technology

To Teach STEM

We partner with Universities, Faculty, Industry Professionals, and Schools to develop technologies in the pursuit of making education exciting, fun, and engaging.

K-12 Education:

We partner with Universities, Faculty, Industry Professionals, and Schools to let students leverage emerging technologies in the pursuit of making education exciting, fun, and engaging.


We partner with Universities, Faculty, Hospitals and patients to use emerging technologies in predicting inpatient hospitalization, use predictive analysis in improving patient outcomes.


The following projects are in partnership with the University of West Florida.

Discovery Spot is a technology playground and project center where students of any age can experience cutting edge technology, participate in any of our hands-on activities, or develop their own projects with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable instructors, tools, and resources.

  • Mobile App Development: iOS and Android
  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Video Game Development and AI
  • Robotics and Electronics
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RILE, the Robotics Interactive Learning Environment, provides a specialized robotics platform that allows students of any age group to learn world class physics concepts in a fun and exciting environment.

  • World class content developed by UWF professors.
  • Specialized robots that bring physics content to life in person or online.
  • An online textbook to engage students in all aspects of physics education.
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Pico Bot is a robotics kit which teaches programming and hardware development for students of any age. Packaged as an individual kit, Pico Bot lets students build their robot, and bring it to life by building applications.

  • Motors, Sensors, and Lights make the Pico Bot reactive and fun.
  • Programming can be done via a Puzzle based GUI or a text interface.
  • Interactive Guides and tutorials are provided.
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ISPACE, INC. UNIVERSITY OF WEST FLORIDA and Lakeview Center, Inc., an Baptist Healthcare

Using a set of variables from patient records assess and provide the probability of long-term hospitalization for a new patient.

Design an interactive automated data application for the physician or administrator to load a patient list along with associated patient data. Use the underlying machine learning model designed to deduce the probability of longterm hospitalization for a given patient.
The de-indentified data used for this application was obtained from Lakeview Center, Inc., an affiliate of Baptist Healthcare
This menu option displays the details of the data used in the application
This option displays the top ten important variables identified by the machine learning algorithm in the decreasing order of their importance. It also displays a bar plot of these variables per their importance
This option displays the probabilities of Inpatient admissions of all the clients in the decreasing order of the probabilities.
This option presents the probability of Inpatient admission for any Client. It displays the results in three separate boxes. User can view the probability of any client and also modify the values of top 8 variables for this client and view the new probability.

IADA is a joint venture between iSpace, Inc and University of West Florida, FL USA using Data Analytics to provide a Predictive analysis model in health care.

IADA is a collaborative project being undertaken by iSpace (www.ispaceinc.net), the University of West Florida (www.uwf.edu), and the Lakeview Center, a health care provider (www.elakeviewcenter.org). Specifically, our three organizations have joined in order to collaborate on mining voluminous data involving patient records and provide a predictive analysis to health care centers based on historical data and patterns.

DFAST Big “data project” and is a collaboration between the University of West Florida and iSpace, Inc. It is an extension to the Master Services Agreement for Discovery Spot, which is an ongoing project between the University of West Florida and iSpace, Inc. DFAST will be developed as a new Task Order under the existing Master Services Agreement between UWF and iSpace. DFAST will be developed over a period of two years from June 2021 to June 2023 with possible extension based on POC.

The DFAST project addresses the critical need for athletes in training requiring feedback during their training in the absence of a physical trainer or coach during training sessions. Athletes can use an App available on Android or OS platforms which provides real time feedback for athletes during their physical training to keep themselves safe during training and improve their performance.

DFAST is an application that works with a wearable device, a cell phone which are equipped with a multitude of sensors to generate the required data. The data collected is stored on the cloud and is processed. To accomplish feedback

My son, Harrison Owens, attended the Smart Cities camp conducted in summer of 2019 which is the first of this type that he’s ever attended, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He doesn’t say much in class, but he spoke very highly of all the facilitators and instructors. I’m hoping to expose him to more technology-related courses so that he may find his areas of interest. Your camp offerings are an asset to our area, as well as a great way to kindle the interest of children in STEM.

-- Terry Owens., Parent

My son attended the UWF / iSpace Smart Cities and Cyber Jedi camp last week. My son thoroughly enjoyed using this kit at the camp. Thank you so much!.

-- Andi Nelson, Parent

Fantastic week! He learned so much and raved about the day's work every evening

-- Holly P., Parent

My son has attended many summer camps here over the last few years. This is absolutely his favorite. He came home every day excited to tell us what he had done.

-- Paul I, Parent

My daughter really enjoyed the camp and was very excited about everything she learned. She is eager to learn much more about technology now.

-- Ashley T., Parent

He learned new concepts and enjoyed himself.

-- Latrasa T., Parent

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